BioKinesiology is a specialised area of Kinesiology. In BioKinesiology we focus on biochemical pathologies and conditions affecting many people in society today.

By testing biochemical pathways in the body, we are able to determine your underlying health problems and what is needed to get you back to better health. This can be a combination of diet & lifestyle advice, nutritional supplements that your body is deficient in, herbal remedies and tinctures to eradicate infections, pathogens and toxins. Gut health is very important to your overall health and that’s why we always start with your gut. When your body is digesting and absorbing food at optimum level and you are hydrating and eliminating regularly, that is a huge step forward on the road to recovery and feeling better.

With BioKinesiology there is no guesswork. Everything we do is bespoke to you and your body’s response to testing. The body never lies. It knows where the problems are and what it needs to heal. We just tap into that information in order to get you well again.

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel."
Kevin Trudeau


Duration 90 minutes / Cost £50

A BioKinesiology treatment takes approx. 90 minutes.  During the treatment we carry out a short consultation on your medical history, diet, lifestyle and current health problems. Once we have this information to guide us, we can then start the testing process.  We use gentle muscle testing together with individual testing vials to look at your gut health in the first instance.  Getting your gut working properly, fully digesting and absorbing your food, is our top priority.  So many ailments stem from problems in the gut.

Using the 4R programme we test for

> Digestive Enzyme function
We replace digestive enzymes that are not functioning optimally

> Toxins, infections, pathogens and food intolerances/allergies
We specialise in the safe removal toxins such as heavy metals, pathogens, chemicals, bacterial & viral infections

> Damage to the gut lining, leaky gut and SIBO
We repair the gut using a combination of diet/lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements

> Gut microbiome
We re-populate your gut with healthy bacteria (probiotics)

> Other pathways tested include:
Liver Phase 1 & 2, ATP (Krebscycle/energy production), Hormones, Thyroid, Methylation, SNP’s

> Bio Kinesiology treatments also include:
Food intolerance/allergy testing, Hypoxia and pyroluria testing

> Structural fixes include the correction of:
Ileocecal valve (ICV), Trans mandibular joint (TMJ), Hiatal hernia (HH)

What can BioKinesiology help with?

> Digestive disorders
Indigestion (dyspepsia), GERD, Acid Reflux
IBS, Constipation/Diarrhoea, bloating, cramps, gas
Food allergies/intolerances
Diverticulitis, ulcerative collitis

> Thyroid issues
Underactive/overactive thyroid testing and nutritional support

> Hormonal problems
Period problems – missing periods, heavy periods
Menopause, hot flushes

> Mental health
Low mood, Anxiety, Depression
Emotional trauma & trapped emotions

> Insomnia and sleep disturbance

> Pain and fatigue
Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue
Joint pain, lack of energy and motivation

> Skin conditions
Psoriasis, eczema, urticaria, rashes, etc.

…and many more..


Duration 90 minutes / Cost £50

It isn’t necessary for you to have a treatment face to face in order to get to the root cause of your health issues. We offer remote testing that enables you to get help no matter what part of the globe you live in. This is also the perfect option for those with busy lives and for those of you with disabilities, remote testing is ideal.

How it works

  • Get in touch with us for a chat about the treatment
  • Send us a hair sample (DNA)
  • Zoom call Consultation (medical history, lifestyle, diet, health issues) approximately 30 minutes
  • Treatment/testing is carried out and an individual treatment plan is designed specifically for you
  • Feedback on findings and treatment plan via zoom, followed up by email
  • On going support online

If you would like to book a remote treatment, please get in touch. We would love to help you get back to better health. It’s what we do best!

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